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Sabrina Jeffries Dance of Seduction

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Swanlea Spinsters Series, Book 4
Publisher: Tantor Media, Inc.
Release date: June 10, 2020
Duration: 12:34:27

She vowed to resist . . .

It’s difficult enough for Lady Clara Stanbourne to run her London home for reformed young pickpockets without having to contend with a criminal right next door! The mysterious Morgan Pryce is obviously dealing in stolen property, and she will never allow the handsome scoundrel to lead the children astray. Pryce is very much mistaken if he believes her a delicate rose he can wilt with passionate, unspoken promises. Now if only Clara could douse the fiery yearning the charming cad ignites inside her.

His heated caresses . . .

This bold, beautiful temptress is indeed a distraction-and Morgan wishes he could tell the exquisite Clara the truth: that he is working undercover to break up a notorious crime ring. His mind should be on his duty-not wondering how it would feel to hold Clara in his arms and taste her luscious lips. But now that she has entered into his most dangerous game, Morgan knows he must have her, despite the very real peril to his secret mission-and to his heart.

Readers’ comments….”I loved the way Clara was introduced - descended from a long line of reformers and rogues. Her fathers side was Quakers and Wiggs. Her mother’s side was scoundrels, gamblers and debauchers. She’s a mixture of staunch morals and undiscovered passion.”

“I will say Morgan has the classic issues of a hero from back in the day (1800’s). Or found pretty commonly with Sabrina Jeffries work. Family issues have given him the inability to hope for his future, he has a hard time forgiving and processing things from his past and it affects his ability to have a relationship.”

“One point in its favor, Jeffries layed out the story with the villain, the underworld thief and crime lord “The Spectre” so there were possible identities. I wasn’t certain until the climax who exactly the villain was.”

You wonder, from this vintage cover (2002), who is leading who astray….

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