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Flight (Irene Kelly #8 - Jan Burke

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Hot off the publication of “Bones,” the winner of the Edgar Award for Best Novel, Jan Burke explodes onto the suspense scene with “Flight,” featuring the hard-edged Detective Frank Harriman, husband of Jan’s beloved series heroine Irene Kelly. A family is found murdered. In a cruel twist, one of the Las Piernas Police Department’s own, Philip Lefebvre, is suspected of killing the only witness. When that detective disappears, a crime boss goes free. And the LPPD is forever changed.

Called in to investigate the wreckage of the missing detective’s plane, Frank Harriman is given a set of cold cases that have suddenly become white hot. Detective Harriman’s conviction that the LPPD tagged the wrong murder suspect is wildly unpopular. Alone, his instincts and integrity questioned at every turn, Harriman must stop the killer before hundreds of lives, including Harriman’s own, are lost.

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