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Iliad & Odyssey - Homer

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Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey are unquestionably two of the greatest epic masterpieces in Western literature. Though more than 2,700 years old, their stories of brave heroics, capricious gods, and towering human emotions are vividly timeless.

The Iliad can justly be called the world’s greatest war epic. The terrible and long-drawn-out siege of Troy remains one of the classic campaigns, the heroism and treachery of its combatants unmatched in song and story. Driven by fierce passions and loyalties, men and gods battle to a devastating conclusion.

The Odyssey chronicles the many trials and adventures Odysseus must pass through on his long journey home from the Trojan wars to his beloved wife. Though the stormy god of the ocean has sworn vengeance against him, and witches and sirens try to lure him off course, Odysseus is clever and has the brilliant goddess Athena on his side.

Homer (9th or 8th century B.C.) is the presumed author of the Iliad and the Odyssey, the two greatest epic poems of ancient Greece. Virtually nothing is known about his life. Tradition has it that he was blind. Most scholars believe he composed the Iliad and the Odyssey by relying on oral traditions. Their value lies chiefly in the poetry itself, moving from sublime passages about the gods and heroic exploits to passages expressing deep human emotion.

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01. Iliad, Book 1 - How Achilles and Agamemnon Quarrelled Over Briseis, and How Thetis Persuaded Zeus to Support Her Son.mp3 16.23 MBs
02. Iliad, Book 2 - How A Dream Came With A Message From Zeus, and How the Achaians Debated in Their Camp.mp3 23.06 MBs
03. Iliad, Book 3 - How Menelaos and Alexandras Fought A Duel Together, and What Came of it.mp3 11.07 MBs
04. Iliad, Book 4 - The First Battle Between Trojans and Achaians.mp3 13.14 MBs
05. Iliad, Book 5 - How Diomedes Did Great Deeds of Valour, and Wounded Aphrodite and Ares Himself.mp3 21.13 MBs
06. Iliad, Book 6 - How Paris Was Brought Back Into the Battle, and How Hector Parted From Andromache.mp3 12.98 MBs
07. Iliad, Book 7 - How Alas and Hector Fought in Single Combat, and How the Trojans Sent A Herald to Propose Peace.mp3 11.71 MBs
08. Iliad, Book 8 - The Battle Wavers to and fro.mp3 13.15 MBs
09. Iliad, Book 9 - How Agamemnon Repented of His Violence and Sent Envoys to Achilles.mp3 17.88 MBs
10. Iliad, Book 10 - How Diomedes and Odysseus Went on A Night Raid and How They Fared.mp3 13.11 MBs
11. Iliad, Book 11 - How the Battle Turned, and the Captains Were Wounded, and Achilles Began to Take Notice.mp3 19.16 MBs
12. Iliad, Book 12 - How the Two Armies Fought Before the Wall, and How Hector Broke Down the Gate.mp3 10.02 MBs
13. Iliad, Book 13 - The Battle Among the Ships.mp3 18.77 MBs
14. Iliad, Book 14 - How Hera Deluded Zeus and Sent Him to Sleep; and How in Consequence the Tide of Battle Turned.mp3 12.02 MBs
15. Iliad, Book 15 - How Zeus Awoke, and What He Said to Hera; How Hera Took His Message to the Divine Family.mp3 16.95 MBs
16. Iliad, Book 16 - How Patroclos Took the Field in the Armour of Achillas, His Great Feats of War, and His Death.mp3 19.77 MBs
17. Iliad, Book 17 - How They Fought Over the Body of Patroclos.mp3 16.64 MBs
18. Iliad, Book 18 - How Achilles Received the News, and How His Mother Got Him New Armour From Hephaistos.mp3 15.04 MBs
19. Iliad, Book 19 - How Achilles Made Friends With Agamemnon and Armed Himself For War.mp3 10.92 MBs
20. Iliad, Book 20 - How Achilles Swept the Battlefield, and How the Gods Helped on Either Side.mp3 11.56 MBs
21. Iliad, Book 21 - The Battle by the River.mp3 14.26 MBs
22. Iliad, Book 22 - Of the Last Fight and the Death of Hector.mp3 13.86 MBs
23. Iliad, Book 23 - The Funeral Rites of Patroclos, and How the Games Were Held in His Honour.mp3 22.45 MBs
24. Iliad, Book 24 - How Priam and Achillas Met, and the Funeral of Hector.mp3 21.56 MBs
25. Odyssey, Book 1 - What Went on in the House of Odysseus.mp3 13.38 MBs
26. Odyssey, Book 2 - How the Council Met in the Market-Place of Ithaca; and What Came of it.mp3 12.81 MBs
27. Odyssey, Book 3 - What Happened in Sandy Pylos.mp3 14.13 MBs
28. Odyssey, Book 4 - What Happened in Lacedaimon.mp3 23.22 MBs
29. Odyssey, Book 5 - Hermes Is Sent to Calypso’s Island; Odysseus Makes A Raft and Is Carried to the Coast of Scheria.mp3 12.88 MBs
30. Odyssey, Book 6 - How Odysseus Appealed to Nausicaa, and She Brought Him to Her Father’s House.mp3 9.07 MBs
31. Odyssey, Book 7 - What Happened to Odysseus in the Palace of Alcinoos.mp3 9.06 MBs
32. Odyssey, Book 8 - How They Held Games and Sports in Phaiacia.mp3 14.45 MBs
33. Odyssey, Book 9 - How Odysseus Visited the Lotus-Eaters and the Cyclops.mp3 15.15 MBs
34. Odyssey, Book 10 - The Island of the Winds; the Land of the Midnight Sun; Circe.mp3 14.79 MBs
35. Odyssey, Book 11 - How Odysseus Visited the Kingdom of the Dead.mp3 17.24 MBs
36. Odyssey, Book 12 - The Singing Sirens, and the Terrors of Scylla and Charybdis.mp3 11.59 MBs
37. Odyssey, Book 13 - How Odysseus Came to Ithaca.mp3 11.78 MBs
38. Odyssey, Book 14 - Odysseus and the Swineherd.mp3 14.02 MBs
39. Odyssey, Book 15 - How Telemachos Sailed Back to Ithaca.mp3 14.34 MBs
40. Odyssey, Book 16 - How Telemachos Met His Father.mp3 12.84 MBs
41. Odyssey, Book 17 - How Odysseus Returned to His Own Home.mp3 15.43 MBs
42. Odyssey, Book 18 - How Odysseus Fought the Sturdy Beggar.mp3 11.03 MBs
43. Odyssey, Book 19 - How the Old Nurse Knew Her Master.mp3 16.03 MBs
44. Odyssey, Book 20 - How God Sent Omens of the Wrath to Comb.mp3 9.71 MBs
45. Odyssey, Book 21 - The Contest With the Great Bow.mp3 10.68 MBs
46. Odyssey, Book 22 - The Battle in the Hall.mp3 11.39 MBs
47. Odyssey, Book 23 - How Odysseus Found His Wife Again.mp3 9.32 MBs
48. Odyssey, Book 24 - How Odysseus Found His Old Father, and How the Story Ended.mp3 14.14 MBs
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