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This Matter of Marriage - Debbie Macomber

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Publisher: Harlequin Audio
Release date: May 16, 2017
Duration: 10:12:30

If I want to get married and have a family (and I do), it’s time for a plan!!
—from Hallie McCarthy’s diary

The dating game is always the same. One disaster after another. Fortunately, Hallie McCarthy can compare notes with her neighbor, Steve Marris. He’s divorced and in the same boat. Right–too bad Hallie and Steve are not interested in each other

The alarm on Hallie’s biological clock is buzzing away. She’s hitting the big three-0 and there’s no prospect of marriage, no man in sight. But Hallie’s an organized, goal-setting kind of person. She gives herself a year to meet Mr. Knight in Shining Armor. But all her dates are disasters. (There’s the cheapskate and the sex fiend and…well, never mind.)
Too bad she can’t just fall for her good-looking neighbor, Steve Marris. He’s definitely not her type. Anyway, Steve’s busy trying to win back his ex-wife, Mary Lynn, who’s busy getting married—but not to Steve. Life would be so much simpler if he could fall for someone else. Like…Hallie.

They’re friends, though—and sometimes friends become lovers. Sometimes friends become more….

Short and sweet, this satisfying contemporary romance is read in a voice that really helps limn the character of Hallie. The consistently well-executed production, combined with the narrator who makes the Hallie spring to life, gives the listener a pleasant way to wile away a few hours

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